This title may be misleading in the sense that one may read that the first two attempts were failures. In Andrew McMahon’s case, this is definitely not true.

McMahon has consistently put out great work that has made its way into popular culture with such hits like “Hurricane” from his first band Something Corporate and “Dark Blue” by his second called Jack’s Mannequin. Andrew has made a name for himself and is now taking full advantage of that fact by putting out self-title material.

His most recent release, Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness, is charming. Not in a, “Oh, you tried, that’s nice” sort of way, but in a genuinely mature and artistic sense. “Cecilia and the Satellite” is a great song to break yourself into the midst of the dirt just covering the underground scene. It is music that is just close enough to something you might here on your local pop station, but just obscure enough to show off to your friends about how pretentious you really are.